Medically supervised weight loss monitored by a physician and a nutritional pharmacologist with over 70 years combined weight loss experience. Our Diet Doctors provide a customized program of individual medication dosage designed to address your specific cravings. Our nutritional guidelines and exercise plans promote healthy lifestyle changes, and are easy to follow with our expert supervision and support.

Intoducing Skinni Fast

The SKINNI-FAST! Weight Loss Program utilizes a specially-formulated nutritionally complete food supplement to promote consumption of body fat. SKINNI-FAST! in ice kreme form is the identical nutritionally balanced meal replacement protein shake used in hospitals and by physicians and registered dieticians. The SKiNNI-FAST! program can be incorporated into your life style to achieve your weight loss and maintenance goals.

To jumpstart your weight loss, we recommend replacing all of your meals for the first 2 days with our easy-to-prepare and great-tasting SKINNI-FAST! ice kreme. We have specially formulated our ice kreme packs to contain everything you will need to meet your daily nutritional requirements. If you follow our guidelines, the first 2 days of your SKiNNI-FAST! program will each consist of a total of 600 Calories, 75 grams of protein, and 40 grams of net carbs.