Individual plans to meet any weight loss goals safely, swiftly and economically

Flexible, allows you to change programs when you want to fit your budget
Proven track record in the New York area since 1984
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3 Separate Weight Loss Plans, select the one that fits your individual needs

There is no start up fee for any of our programs, and they are all medically supervised and personalized for your weight loss needs. You can easily switch programs on a weekly basis. There is an emphasis on proper nutrition and exercise, which in combination with the medications or supplements used, will help ensure your success. Medication dosages are individually adjusted to your specific cravings. You will experience weight loss as well as a noticeable loss in inches. Helping you reach, and more importantly, maintain your goal weight is our number one priority. To assure maximum and consistent progress you will consult with the physician or pharmacologist on each and every visit.

Accelerated Skinni-Fast!

Over 200 pounds? Need a jump-start? Our fasting Skinni-Fast! program is for you. Lose 5 pounds or more your first week
Most patients who have failed to lose weight with other diets see rapid results with this program. Combining both medication and supplements, we will keep you feeling satisfied and full while you replace food with our specially formulated shakes.

Modified Skinni-Fast!

If you need a quick weight loss but don’t want to give up food completely, consider Modified Skinni-Fast! Natural supplements
and prescription medication will keep you feeling satisfied and cut your cravings while you relearn healthy eating habits. Healthy foods and meal replacement shakes is an effective but less intense program.


Appetite suppressant medication combined with expert nutritional counseling can dramatically help with your weight loss
or maintenance, and we’ve successfully provided both since 1984. Meal replacement shakes may not be the right choice for some patients.


10-15 stubborn Pounds ?

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