Que. How much weight can I expect to lose?

Ans. Our patients typically lose two to five pounds each week. Women tend to lose two to three, while men can lose three to five. Your individual results will depend on many factors, including any medical conditions, your starting weight, and the individual program you have chosen.

Que. Who are your patients?

Ans. We work with men and women who are looking to lose ten pounds or more. Some have struggled with weight their entire lives, other come to us after major life changes, such as career transitions, childbirth or menopause. Some of our patients are looking to correct medical conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. Many simply want to lose weight quickly and safely. The ages of our patients range from teenagers as young as 16 years old to seniors.

Que. Will I need to exercise?

Ans. To prevent your becoming too hungry, we recommend moderate exercise once you have settled into the program. This exercise is introduced gradually, and over time we will increase the amount of exercise as well as introduce resistance training.

Que. What will I be eating?

Ans. You will continue to enjoy many of the same delicious fresh foods that you already love. We will teach you how to order food in a social setting and provide strategic shopping lists.

Que. Are appetite suppressants or other prescription medication mandatory?

Ans. No. According to the National Institute of Health’s Executive Guidelines for the Treatment of Overweight and Obesity, “Weight loss medication can serve a useful propose as part of a comprehensive weight loss program involving nutrition education, exercise recommendations and behavioral changes.” Some of our patients do not take medication at all, while others use it to complement their program. You will have the opportunity to discuss your personal preferences with one of our medical staff members.

Que. Are your prescription medications safe?

Ans. Yes. We only prescribe medications with a long history of safe and successful use. They have been FDA approved for decades and have very strong safety profiles. As with any medications, there may be side effects or risks. For most people, these effects are minimal and of short duration, and can include dryness of the mouth, constipation, difficulty sleeping or headache. A small minority of patients may experience such side effects, which usually resolve themselves within two days. Our medical staff will tailor dosages to your individual needs and monitor their safety and effectiveness during your weekly visits.