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Have you been overweight most of your life? Do you eat when you're nervous or upset? Does food make you feel happy? Do you reward yourself with food? Are you a frequent snacker? Are you addicted to carbs? Do you constantly think about your weight?

If the answer is "yes", lose weight the doctor-approved way. We have a weight loss solution for you!

  • Learn how to enjoy the foods you love.
  • You can lose 10, 20, 30 or more pounds!
  • Stop the hunger pangs for good.

Our healthy medical weight loss program is supervised by both MDs and a nutritional pharmacologist with over 70 years combined experience. To help you lose inches and pounds, (and keep them off!) we provide personalized nutrition and exercise information in combination with safe, FDA-approved appetite suppressant medication.


Introducing SKINNI FAST! Shakes

Jump Start Your Weight Loss With Our Meal Replacement Protein

Introducing the new SKINNI-FAST! weight loss protein shake! Developed by Medical Diet Consultants, your trusted source for medical weight loss in NYC for more than 30 years. Our high protein meal replacement is a unique low-calorie and low-carbohydrate weight-loss method. An easier way to keep those pounds off, SKINNI-FAST! can be used alone or in combination with appetite suppressant medications or supplements.

The SKINNI-FAST! WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM utilizes a specially-formulated nutritionally complete food supplement to promote consumption of body fat. SKINNI-FAST! is nutritionally identical to the balanced meal replacements used in hospitals and physician diet offices, but in the form of a delicious protein shake. Like the protein meal replacements doctors have been recommending since 1984, this SKINNI-FAST! program can be incorporated into your lifestyle to achieve your weight loss and maintenance goals.

SKINNI-FAST! contains your daily vitamin, mineral, protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements in a balanced ratio.

SKINNI-FAST! comes in 4 delicious favors, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cappuccino. Currently available in our NYC and Rockland County offices. Call for appointment information.
Medical Diet Consultants offers weight loss services to patients in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, as well as Rockland, Orange, and Westchester Counties, the lower Hudson Valley, and Northern NJ.

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